Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wine with your meal? from the MP3 container

You ever go to a nice restaurant that matches the meal with a specific wine (or BREW)? Yea I have seen that a lot and depending on the place and chef I will order it together, and I have discovered some interesting vineyards I would never have tasted. The idea is to enhance the meal with a beverage that complements it, the recommendation is usually by the chef. Its the combo of both together that makes for a unique and sometimes surprising result, like when I tried a glass of sweet German Gew├╝rztraminer offered by the proprietor at our favorite sushi place in Princeton NJ. Why do I bring this up?, well at the end of my longer articles you will see a musical selection, because music inspires me as I write the article. So just like a menu at a fine restaurant or brew pub that offers suggestions from the chef about the beverage, I too will offer a musical selection of what I had blasting in my room as I write the article to share the audio portion of it, hope you like the matching of content + MP3. For this short one I was just curious if there was a band called WINE (and Yes there is, I dont like them) They sounded like a band I do enjoy "The Smiths" and lead singer went soloist "Morrissey"

A good chef will pour his heart into the dish and most, like me, will want feedback. Let me know what you think of the content here, please feel free to add your own comments and feedback even about the music if you want. (And for those that are curious, in these economic times I cant afford to go to a place that employs a Sommelier, and rarely had the opportunity to go in the past. :-)

Btw I do love to cook also as a hobby, and the real reason I blare music is that English was not my first language and music helps me drown out the noise and distractions so I can focus on my topic and writing. Hopefully you enjoyed my dish of content online but even if you didnt this chef wants to hear from you.
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AUDIO: For this dish the chef recommends a wonderful blue indie MP3 from London, its a great vintage 1985 from the house of the "Smiths" called "How soon is Now on Meat is Murder album"

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